SAP SuccessFactors Deep Links

SAP SuccessFactors Deep Links

SAP SuccessFactors Deep Links , A deep link is a hyperlink that links directly to a specific page in the SAP SuccessFactors system, rather than the start page.

Deep links can be used anywhere hyperlinks are possible. You can use them in offline content, such as in internal documentation, or on websites, such as your company portal. They can also be used in external, third party applications.

True deep links begin with /sf/ and rarely change. Other URLs can change from version to version.

You should only use true deep links to link to SAP SuccessFactors pages. Other links may stop working or may navigate to legacy pages that are no longer supported.

Determine the base URL of the system.
The base URL contains the domain name used by the application server and it varies by customer and region.

Add a deep link path to the base URL, separated by one forward slash (/).

 Example
This example links to the logged-in user’s development plan. https:///sf/devplan

Add a question mark (?) separator to the end of the deep link path, followed by a supported URL parameter, as a name-value pair.

 Example
This example links to the Personal Information section of the employee profile for user ID jsmith123. https:///sf/personalinfo?selecteduser=jsmith1234

Separate multiple parameters with an ampersand (&).

 Example
This example links to the performance review form for user ID jsmith123 and for form ID 4567. https:///sf/pmreview?username=jsmith123&fid=4567

ModuleDeep LinkDescriptionParameters
Employee Central/sf/timeoffTakes You To The Using The Time Off employee self-servic
Employee Central/sf/timesheetTakes You To Time Sheet employee self-serv­ices Page selected_user can be entered as a parameter.
Employee Central/sf/timeoffcalendarsTakes you to the Time Off change calendar
Employee Central/sf/employeeupdateTakes You to the Employee Update Record PageSelected User – USERD ID
Employee Central/sf/orgchart?type=po­ sitionTakes You To The Position ORG Chartselected_position=<po­istion External Code
Platform/sf/adminTakes You To The Admin Center
Platform/sf/liveprofileTakes You To The People Profile Page
Platform/sf/optionsTakes You To The Options Page
Recruiting/sf/careersTakes You To The Careers Page
Recruiting/sf/careers/jobalertsTakes You To The Job Alerts Page
Recruiting/sf/careers/jobsearchTakes You To The Job Search Page
Recruiting/sf/careers/myoffersTakes You To The My Offers Page
Recruiting/sf/careers/savedjobsTakes You To The Saved Jobs Page
Recruiting/sf/recruitingTakes You To The Recruiting Landing Page
Recruiting/sf/recruiting/eventsTakes You To The Events

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